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Medical Spaces Services

At qubic creative works we strive to exceed our customers' expectations. Our goal is to provide effective treatment for your patients in a comfortable, ergonomic and stress-free environment. We are committed to creating an energy-efficient space, sustainable and dynamic architecture. We believe in your vision that allows us to create together innovative spaces that everyone can enjoy.
Project evaluation

It has been shown that the right environment of health premises enhances the services you offer your patients and provides a variety of benefits such as:


  • reduce anxiety of patients

  • increasing productivity and morale of staff


Basic configuration in the design and construction of health facilities, are:


  • Evaluation of the site to determine what is best for the support of your services

  • Make measurement to investigate the need for planning

  • Develop a functional plan that meets your goals

  • Harmonization requested by the relevant legislation and issue the corresponding authorizations


Proper planning is the key to success. With the information provided on this service, you get all the necessary information to make an informed decision on how to proceed. The next step is the phase of architectural and technological design, where aesthetics meets function.

Architecture study


Finalizing the floor plan, we start design of the project; subject to the aesthetics meets function. The two-dimensional drawings (2D) complemented by three-dimensional (3D) while becomes the choice of materials sanitary. Final decisions pictured as a detailed floor plans, elevation view, sections, facades and exterior details.


At this stage we will have:


Developing the aesthetics of the project in close collaboration with the construction department so as to incorporate finishes, furniture etc. And protect the ultimate nature of space.


  • COLOURS: Controlled chromatic activity makes the room you always separate and different with respect to the identity of each specification. Using ecological and antimicrobial paint where necessary.


  • Floors: Choice of flooring sanitary, durable and use (ceramic tiles, pvc, slate, etc.)


  • Lighting: Lighting design with categorization, a waiting room, working etc. special effects using hot or cold light according to region. All light sources, helping to increase energy efficiency.



  • Safety and health site: Create sterilization rooms with partial or total ventilation and create areas with radiation where the machinery dictates.


The main purpose is to ensure that the completion of a beautiful, healthy, productive and relaxing environment for doctors, patients and staff.

Technology Design


The health areas must incorporate modern technologies but also can be expandable to withstand time. 

Basic configuration in the design and construction of a medical area are:


• Uninterruptible power supply using suitable systems such Ups, generating sets etc.


• Protection of mechanical equipment with appropriate design of the electrical panel and with the use of stabilizers.


• Proper installation of low voltage wiring in order to incorporate all the latest technologies.


• Remarkable water and sewage system in order to have any time control and access.


• Distribution of workplace air supply with central management board for use of the respective machinery.




The specialized knowledge of the subject is the guarantee of the outcome.


Utilizing Architectural data and Technological planning and acting on the triptych Quality - Time - Cost, starts the project.

Regardless of volume, we are able to compress both the budget so that the project can become viable and competitive results.

Our work must have durability and thus does not make concessions to the quality of materials and the safety standards.

Compiled feasible schedules, strict observance of which ensures the planning of all those activities required to launch the activity. 




The detailed design reflects structural components but is also the instructor for the scalability of space. The need, however, for scalability are constantly changing and we must be able to be able to meet the requirements. At each stage of construction creates the appropriate file so whenever you want to intervene, it is possible. These elements belong to you and the delivery of the project, delivered to you and the relevant file.

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