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The requirements in commercial activities are greatly increased. Ergonomics, Aesthetics, Communication. Pillars that will support your project. Studies that require experience and creativity. We are your partners to cross in a successful way and advisors when necessary, to draw together the road
Project evaluation 


The commercial space, the Stand, the showcase etc. require the collection of parameters that affect dynamically in your venture. Wanted evaluations are:


• Comfortable and ergonomic work area

• Good view products

• Consolidation and mapping messages

• Sales increase


To reduce the risk associated with the relocation, renovation or creation of new commercial activities, we develop feasibility studies that provide enough information to allow decisions that determine the formulation and implementation of the project.


• Product analysis and relevant market

• Make measurement and ergonomic development plan

• Proactive Costing

Planning Process

The quality of design contributes to creating spaces attractive, durable, flexible scalability and operations. Places where we want to work, to visit to buy.


The two-dimensional drawings on the stage of Evaluation are most photo-realistic three-dimensional.


Interior Design


The contradictions arising from the different materials, colors, finishes, will be used to highlight your choices. Lighting, flooring, ceiling, display furniture, contribute to your store to become recognizable and cause the desire of customers to visit it. Our experience ensures that the design is in harmony with functionality.


Special structures


Special screenings products require special structures. Products must be more accessible and at the same time to exploit every centimeter of our commercial space.


Graphic Design


The aim is to create spaces that will be reflected in the memory of the customers and at the same time, with the help of graphic design, we will pass messages and will enhance the recognition of your concept. Markings on the premises as in Trading group help the customer to easily navigate it.


Outdoor Signage


Especially the first time in your transformation, the external marking is required to be distinctive in order to invite customers. Furthermore, the layout of the window with graphic or contrived view products helps ensure our place to define better and be friendlier.

Project management 


The specialized knowledge of the subject is the guarantee of the outcome. Utilizing the data of Planning and acting on the triptych Quality - Time - Cost starts the project. Regardless of volume, we are able to compress both the budget so that the project can become viable and competitive results. Our work must have durability and thus does not make concessions to the quality of materials and the safety standards. Compiled feasible schedules, strict observance of which ensures the planning of all those activities required to launch the activity.




The detailed design reflects structural components but is also the instructor for the scalability of space. The need, however, for scalability are constantly changing and we must be able to be able to meet the requirements. At each stage of construction creates the appropriate file so whenever you want to intervene, it is possible. These elements belong to you and the delivery of the project, delivered to you and the relevant file.



Commercial Spaces Services

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